Singer-songwriter Jeroen Marcelis (NL) performs both solo and with various musical co-pilots. The audience is invited to let go of everyday life and take a ride in the StarFishTaxi which will take them from the depths of the sea to the sparkling stars. His songs express deep human emotions that vary from sunny and ecstatic to shy and lost. Love for life cast into music and words. Performances range from large festival venues to intimate living room concerts.



   "One of the best performances at Sziget 2014
   It was truly magical what you did on stage
   I will for sure remember!
   Thank you so much Jeroen!!!"

                    Ms. Fruzsina Szép
                    Programme director Sziget Festival



   "We were in the StarfishTaxi live in Volos, Greece on

   Saturday 20th June 2015 for the celebration of the

   European music day. Loved your music,your songs and

   the easygoing energy you were transmitting! It was

   terrific and rejuvenating! Thanx for a great live


                                    Sophia & Dimitris

"At Open Up festival I met Jeroen Marcelis, where I played with Fantuzzi, and his songs had an immediate impact on me. Especially the song Starchild touched me deeply. Rarely or never do I experience that after having been a professional musician for 25 years, but I was moved to tears by the beautiful composition, the tasteful guitar playing and the delicate singing. Jeroen has a natural feel to his performance. That’s something you can’t learn as far as I’m concerned. No unnecessary frills or vocal tricks, simply straight into your ears and heart, enriched with beautiful and honest personal anecdotes. I hope his cd will be released soon to enable everyone to enjoy this great music. Go check this guy out, highly recommended as far as I’m concerned.”

                    Iwan de Reus
                    Musician / visitor Open Up 2016

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Parental warning: Dutch language

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