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It all started in the streets of cities all around Europe. That’s where singer-songwriter Jeroen Marcelis first performed his own songs. As lead-singer of various bands he experimented with different musical genres like pop, rock and funk to soul, metal and hip-hop. This eventually blended into his own style and sound that range from intimate and contemplative to uplifting and outgoing. In his lyrics he ties personal stories to universal themes.


The audience is always at the center of the performance and is invited to take a ride in the StarFishTaxi which will take them from the depths of the sea to the weightlessness of outer space. With his authentic and captivating stage presence, Jeroen leaves the audience with a warm and welcome feeling. The performances are solo or with other musicians and range from large festival stages to small scale living-room concerts.


Highlights so far:

  • two performances at the Hungarian Sziget Festival in Budapest, one of Europe's largest music festivals (one with band and one solo)

  • three day tour in Greece (Athens, Volos, Larissa)

  • performance at Triskel Tavern in Madrid, Spain

  • festival performances in all major cities of the Netherlands