Bekijk hier de nieuwe single en videoclip Starchild

So very happy to present to you the new single & videoclip of the song Starchild. Hope you enjoy!

Watch the 360 video of Dear Larissa

Click and drag to scroll around and take a 360 degrees look around Live at Wolfslaar Akoestisch 

Video by Patrick Gutlich

"Dear Larissa" - music and words written by J.M. Marcelis (thank you to Costas for the inspiration!!)

Haarlem Leeft is a monthly radio show on local radio in Haarlem. Jeroen will appear on the show for the second time, giving a performance and doing an interview. This time there will be an audience present, so if you want to join, you are most welcome.

Monday 1st July


Radio 9 Oostzaan features the show Wakkere Wereld. I have been invited to play some songs and give an interview on Tuesday 4th of June at 20.00.

Listen live on THIS SITE

Or on sunday 19th of May on THIS SITE

Happily, proudly, excitedly presenting the videoclip for So Not Me. Hope you enjoy!

Camera: Arjan Kroonen
Editing: Arjan Kroonen & Jeroen Marcelis 
"So Not Me"- music by J.M. Marcelis & A. Visee, words by J.M. Marcelis 

Guitar & vocals – Jeroen Marcelis, Keys - Patrick M...

Fort Nigtevegt is a former military fortress that has been transformed into a memorial place. On May 7th is the opening of a special memorial room. Artist José van 't Rood donates her impressive artwork called Memo and has asked Jeroen for an accompanying performance.

Food Truck Festival TREK celebrates its 3rd year anniversary with a TREK cook book. The press launch of the book will be held in a train travelling from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, where the first 2016 edition will take place. Jeroen has been asked to perform during this p...

On April 16th 2015 StarFishTaxi gave a surprise performance at the Triskel Tavern in Madrid. The tavern is famous for it's cave 'La Caverna' that has hosted a wide variety of songwriters not only from Spain but from all over the globe.


Camera: Stan Wouters

Editing: Arja...

The designer of the StarFishTaxi logo - Quasi Ruben - surprised me recently with this full size lithography (very unique way of printing). There are only three copies of it in the world (one for his mom, one for himself and one for me). So very very very grateful for t...

We are very happy to present to you the videos of the SFT solo performance at Sziget Festival (Budapest, HU) 2014. WATCH THEM HERE


EDITING: Arjan Kroonen (many many thanks!)

CAMERA: Kata Zsák, Hanna Eichner, Egbert de Vos
SPECIAL THANKS: Fruzsina Szép, Sziget Crew, Egbe...

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